The Incident on the 5th Floor

Tilda Ready for Work

The lady and I visited about the situation for a while afterward.  She repeated that her Dad loves dogs and just knew he would know there was a good doggy there for him.  She too said she couldn’t believe what this dog had done and asked if she was trained to do this with patients.  When I told her absolutely NOT and that what Tilda did was all on her own merit, she was totally awestruck with one hand in front of her mouth to fight back the tears.  It was quite a moving moment for the both of us.  After that, Tilda was really tired so I took her to the waiting room on the 5th floor and I sat there while Tilda napped on the floor for a while.  That was the day the Planetree tours were going on and in about 30 minutes a couple buses came in and Tilda met most of the people as they came in the lobby of the hospital and was her normal self again.  I then thought we would finish her rounds for the day, but Tilda was totally spent so we just called it a day and punched out.  She slept through the drive home and the rest of the afternoon after that experience.

Looking back at this event later that day, it was the look in Tilda’s eye and her body language she was demonstrating while I was arranging the chair beside the bed.  It was like she was telling me “I get it, just be quiet and allow me to do it”.   That look caught my attention and again, I knew this was going to be special from that moment on.  The man never opened his eyes except once when he first felt Tilda’s ears and then only he looked at the ceiling with a smile on his face.  I am so fortunate to be part of those special moments!  They have to happen all by themselves and one can only pick up on them if one is paying proper attention.   I will never know for sure what was going on there, but whatever it was, I am honored to witness it.

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